Tower of London.

War If nothing else, this footage from the other day proves that should Ice Warriors attack, the Tower of London is defended.

Despite this being a hermitage week, I couldn't help watching out for news of the royal birth, of information on Monday night and of the couple leaving the Lindo Wing on Tuesday night.

Never have so many people all gauped the same door at the same time, in reality and virtually and realised there aren't many jokes that can be told about a door.

As was noted blunty at some point in the coverage, this young thing will be King when most of us are gone.  At this rate, William or Harry will be too.

Yet, like the various jubilees and the wedding of William and Kate, there's something moving about this birth, about the sense of watching the historical lines, give or take the odd war, that began nearly millennia ago continue.

An addition to the Tower's Line of Kings.

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