BBC Genome completed.

TV Ariel brings news that the BBC Genome project is complete and from Monday, BBC staff will be able to browse the contents. The public will be some time after that. In case you don't know, the project scanned in every issue of Radio Times and transformed it into a searchable database so that users will be able to see when programmes were originally broadcast without having to visit a library and work through the pages. Quite an endeavour, Morse:
"We seriously underestimated the scale and complexity of the endeavour,' says the member of the archive content team in west London. 'Other organisations have digitised and published their magazine back catalogue, so digitising 4,500 magazines doesn't seem that daunting until you realise that it's about 420,000 pages, containing 4.9 million programmes and information about over 8 million contributors.'

"McEnery puts this into context for those still grappling with the numbers - the dataset is about the size of Wikipedia."
Don't suppose anyone's handing out guest accounts?

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