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Film PiXAR now has its own Lance Parkin and Lars Pearson. In a hilariously well thought out, imaginative blog post, Jon Negroni attempts to explain how all of PiXAR's films can exist in the same universe filled with wild moments of extreme brilliance:
"Meanwhile on Earth, machines are left behind to populate the world and run things, explaining human landmarks and traditions still being prominent in Cars. There are no animals or humans in this version of Earth because they’re all gone, but we do know that the planet still has many human influences left. In Cars 2, the cars go to Europe and Japan, making it plain that this is all taking place on Earth as we know it. So what happened to the cars? We’ve learned by now that humans are the source of energy for the machines. That’s why they never got rid of them. In Wall-E, they point out that BNL intended to bring the humans back once the planet was clean again, but they failed. The machines on Earth eventually died out, though we don’t know how."
After I've finished watching my way through Disney mainstream in release order, I think I'll be rerunning PIXAR in this order. Oh my.

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