Says Discogs:
"Managra was an offspring created from a gang-bang of a bunch of Waukesha based 90's punk, thrash, grunge, power pop, glam rock, and garage bands. The band always tried to take their music to new levels of eclecticism. But, with an over abundance of band members, and not enough steam to keep the engines hot, Managra eventually fell apart. All the members are still playing music in bands and/or projects, and live in and around the Milwaukee metropolitan area."
Unconnected, there's also a Managra Music record company:
"Managra Music, Inc. is committed to recording and presenting quality musical content within and without of the traditional industry umbrella. Acknowledging the vast talent pool and believing that global audiences have much more varied appetites than the diet they are being fed, Managra Music, Inc. provides the experience and guidance for nurturing, creating and distributing music through direct marketing and viral InterNet proliferation."
One of their releases is available at

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