The Making of Flatline.

Music Some notes:

(1) It's always a bit strange when people record things in the wrong aspect ration on their phone, but the bit with Keisha getting the song wrong is funny because the aspect ratio is incorrect so what can you do?
(2) It's excellent proof that the vocals on the track haven't been tampered with.
(3) Sugablokes.
(4) Leona Lewis for a second.

Updated later. My goodness. The Sugababes's email mailing list, the current line-up such as it is, has just sent out an email about  ...
"Mutya Keisha Siobhan, aka the original line-up of the Sugababes, have announced their first headline show in 12 years at the Scala in London on August 1st. "
With all the relevant links about where to hear and buy Flatline (currently only iTunes).  I wonder what significance we can put to this, especially since its labeled Universal which is their current record company and not any of the record companies the Sugababes have signed to. Island still have the copyright on the name. Hmm...

The only bit of interest is that it was sent to an older email address I don't use much now, so it's possible this could be an old, old list that I registered with earlier in that last decade and it's being pressed back into service.  Still interesting though given the disparity in the record companies.

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