Liverpool International Music Festival 2013 from the air.

Liverpool International Music Festival 2013 from the air.

Music Unfortunately it's quite difficult to tell what with the trees and child's fun fair blocking the view but, even accounting for food festivals, Africa Oye and random hot days, this may well be the most people I've seen in the field beneath my window. It's day three of the free portion of the Liverpool International Music Festival 2013 and this shot was taken at about seven o'clock this even just as today's final act, Robbo Ranx Ft Ghetto Youth International With Damian, Steven And Julian Marley, this being the world music day.

I've been out and about on all three days and the mood's been good natured.  I had a particularly transcendental moment yesterday afternoon sitting opposite the bandstand listening to Sophia Ben Yousef covering Nina Simone's Feeing Good (here's an earlier performance on YouTube) (and here's her Sound Cloud) though I didn't get along quite so well on Friday night with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.  I had a prime spot next to the stage but there were too many people with cameras and phones recording the experience rather than living it which became too distracting.  This essentially.

But overall, the event seems have been a success, especially if the rapidity of twitter comments is a guide almost all of which have been positive.  Perhaps it's a shame that there aren't more of the larger acts in the free portion, though we do have Rebecca Ferguson, The Christians and Soul II Soul visiting tomorrow which is an interesting mix.  Perhaps there'll be even more people for that.  Perhaps I'll need to take another photo.  Either way congratulations organisers for creating something new from old that Liverpool can still be proud of.

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