The Minister of Chance.

TV With the return of QI, SF talks to RT about about some things.  This is a rarity.  He never gives "print" interviews:
“My favourite quotation, which would surprise some, is from the late Michael Ramsey, who was Archbishop of Canterbury when I was a boy – my mother always used to say, ‘Do you know he’s the same age as Cary Grant?’ – and he was accounted a very wise man. When asked to define wisdom he said, ‘Wisdom is the ability to cope.’ There are people from the Kalahari desert to the Arctic wastes who may not know much, but they can cope and are wise. But knowledge is very different.”
It's actually a very wise interview.  He notices, in a round about sort of way, that society is filled with very clever, very knowledgable people.  The problem we tend to be treated with contempt by the governmental approach to education, and the media, and to an extent far to many us let them.

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