Commerce You will have heard about England finally banning the plastic bag. Or rather England forcing supermarkets to charge people 5p per bag mirroring schemes in the other parts of the kingdom.


It's not much. It's tiny. A speck. It won't do that much to save the environment. The plastic bags are still going to be made, in less numbers perhaps, but they'll still be there in some numbers. It's symbolic if nothing else, the day to day equivalent of Earth Night when we all turn our house lights off despite still having our televisions on, burning through exponentially more power than a light bulb.

But it will make us think. Each time we forget to bring bags, or enough bags, in that moment when the shop clerk asks us if we want a bag and we have to pay, we'll think, we'll be reminded of why it's happening. We'll be reminded about the environment and perhaps, just suppose, we'll think about all of the other ways we can help not least in only turning on a light when we need to.

Incidentally, at this point I may be voting Green in the next election and it might just be for reasons other than "because they're not the Lib Dems".  I'm not sure yet.  I'll get back to you closer to the day.

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