the long haul

Music The release of MKS's Flatline was strange. Promoted for what felt like months beforehand, knocked out on a Friday and only available through iTunes when dozens of "tribute" versions are on sale and streamable through other venues, its lack of chart success isn't unsurprising but nevertheless disappointing. The astonishingly average promo video didn't help either.  I don't know about airplay though to be honest, so permanently does my radio dial oscillate between Radios 3 & 4 neither of which were like to playlist it.

Such inconsistencies are somewhat explained by Digital Spy's interview with the band, the team, the three, published on Tuesday in which Keisha says something (relatively) interesting:
"I don't think our song got lost on the radio. I think there were certain things that happened behind the scenes that couldn't be helped. Our goal was to put a song out that people liked and we think we've done that. If we wanted to record an easy throwaway hit then we would have put something out back in 2010 after we first met up. We didn't because we won't compromise our music and we're here for the long haul. Also, it's all about the album really and not just the singles for us."
Shenanigans, again, then.

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