"It's important we remember we were kids."

Music As we continue to mark time until something is officially released, here's Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan's Observer interview. Mostly it goes over the usual ground:
"Consider the she-said-she-said, at least as it played out in the press. Keisha once told Touch magazine that Siobhán had ditched the band, back in 2001, by going to the loo and never coming back. "After three hours we thought she's been in there a bit long," Keisha was quoted as saying, and this repeatable bit of fiction tailed Siobhán for a decade. Siobhán, for her part, once admitted: "We just didn't get on." When Mutya left the band Keisha said: "There was love there but no friendship". Siobhán, in 2004: "It was all hate, hate, hate."

"Well, our mums always got on," Siobhán tells me, over lunch.

"Even when we didn't," says Keisha.

Of mean statements in the past, they agree, "It's important we remember we were kids."

And that toilet thing, says Mutya, "was quite funny."

Siobhán: "But it kind of gets old after a while."

Mutya: "Yeah."
The accompanying photos suggest the photographer had been to a Pre-Raphaelite exhibition the day before...

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