Sugababes are over then.

Music Jade's gone rogue then. Just as MKS's Flatline is released (though only on iTunes it seems, Amazon and Spotify just have the remix EP), the Ewan's decided she can't stand's no more:
"This is a tricky one because I don't feel comfortable lying, saying we're in the studio recording and we're going to bring music out next year, which seems to be the favoured line," she said. "I think it's unfair to fans and we should be honest.

"The band being over is definitely not my choice. I kind of was unlucky in that I came in [to Sugababes] towards the end of the cycle when things naturally came to the end.

"There was so much drama surrounding the group, I think the music just got lost. I don't like all the drama and the negativity. We kind of fizzled out about two years ago."
That's that then.  Until it presumably isn't.

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