Rubbish film comes to blu-ray.

Film Love Actually is coming out on blu-ray so you can relive the horror and as an extra sting in the tale it comes with a copy on dvd with less extras, which means its a repressing of the original release and plus one of those Ultraviolet versions of which I'm yet to meet someone who actually uses.

The new extras include "The Storytellers" which should hopefully be a four hour long exposition of what went wrong and just how much more footage ended up on the cutting room floor than the thirty minutes which they deemed necessary to release. Why does Jean Moreau appear as a background artist? What was Emma Thompson doing on stage during the deleted scenes we can see? Was there really a David Morrissey subplot excised in its entirety? How come the entire final portion of the film makes no temporal sense? These are questions were unlikely to receive an answer for in what's otherwise probably going to be yet another Richard Curtis hagiography.

The other BD exclusive is the godawful Robert Palmer parody featuring Bill Nighy.

Seriously, don't. Click here and here to find out why.

[The one redeeming feature is the commentary in which Hugh Grant, as he always does in his commentaries, comes across as a man who hasn't any more shits to give.  For years now I've learnt to live with him deciding to make things like Did You Hear About the Morgans? instead of playing the Doctor because I know at some point he'll be sitting behind a microphone taking the piss out of the thing.  "This music was just as good on Shakespeare in Love." remains a cherished memory, despite everything.]

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