Still on Overload.

Music The Official chart website has a cute interview with MKS on the topic of their first single Overload, which includes a trivia quiz about the songs which beat it in the charts and a retrospective look back at Sugababes songs they missed. Example:
"Mutya left in December 2005, just before Red Dress was released as a single. The track was the third to be taken from their Number 1 album Taller In More Ways, and had to be rerecorded with new member Amelle Berrabah for release.
Keisha leans forward conspiratorially. “Mutya HATES that song!”
“Do you know what?” drawls Mutya. “I can’t lie, I hated it with a passion.”
“I think the different songs suited the different line-ups, didn’t they?” suggests Siobhan.
“Yeah,” agrees Mutya. “I mean it’s a good song…”
But just not ‘for you’, Mutya?
Mutya: Hmmm."
Now that the "Sugababes" have apparently split up, I'd say the the whole back catalogue is fair game for picking, choosing and rediscovering. Something like "About You Now". Despite everything, I do really like "About You Now".

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