"Of course, what is the worst that could happen?"

Philosophy The Guardian's Status Update series interrogates Mike Godwin, of Godwin's Law, the "rule" that states an argument is automatically lost if one side frivolously invokes Hitler, Nazi Germany, or the Holocaust. Turns out, as expected, he's just a normal guy:
What was your worst day ever?

I have a number of worst days, but probably the very worst, especially in terms of long-lasting impact, was when I was 15 and hit by a car while bicycling in my hometown, Houston. My front teeth were knocked out, and the teeth on each side were shattered. I ended up having emergency root canals after which the teeth were reimplanted.

My father was in the room with me during the procedure, holding my hand – I squeezed his hand (because the pain was so intense) so hard that I bruised it. These days, those teeth have all been replaced by dental implants. Much better.

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