Totem Pole.

Education Or rather the Colomendy totem pole which is now at World Museum Liverpool:
"Do you recognise this totem pole?

It was made by teacher Ken James and pupils from Sefton Park Secondary School in the 1960s and soon became a well-known feature of Colomendy Centre for Outdoor Education, in North Wales.

For generations of Liverpool children, Colomendy has been an essential part of their childhoods."
It was only a part of my childhood because I knew other kids went there. After a quick glance around online, I think I may have found an eyewitness account of the making of the totem pole at this old BBC page.  Over to Bob T:
"I remember doing lots of projects for the place making bird boxes, we even made a totem pole at school out of a telegraph pole and placing it at the entrance to Colomendy. We made the flag pole in a workshop there and I made the button on the top the first time I'd ever used a spoke shave. We even re-fenced the weather station. No wonder the then boss Mr Farquerson, like us being there!"

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