BBC 1963: December.

The Chink in the Wall, 31 December 1963
"Two years after the construction of the barrier between East and West Berlin, special permission was granted for visits by Westerners to the East for a period of five days over Christmas. In this programme, people - some of whom hadn't seen their loved-ones since the rapid construction of the wall in 1961 - describe what these visits mean to them, what life was like before the wall went up and the arduous process they had to go through to obtain visitors' permits."

Six Days to Saturday
"... a film made in 1963 about Swindon Town F.C. by the legendary film director John Boorman." (viewable via a Realplayer link at the bottom of the page)

Tonight: Moslem University
"BBC clip 'Moslem University' from Tonight tx 02.12.1963"

The birth of African Kenya
"People in Britain had begun to question whether conflict in the Empire was worthwhile when the whole idea of Empire seemed so out of step with world opinion. Kenya gained independence on 12 December 1963 and African Kenya was born. Little by little the rest of the Empire peeled away, leaving Britain to be just another country on the map."

The Reith Lectures: The Fulfilment of Lives: Albert Sloman: A University in the Making: 1963
"This year's Reith lecturer is Dr Albert E Sloman, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Essex. He was previously Gilmour Professor of Spanish at Liverpool University and Dean of the Faculty of Arts. Dr Sloman explores what is needed to make an institute for higher education in Essex in his series entitled 'A University in the Making'."

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