BBC 1963: September.

Witness: Duke Ellington Plays Kabul
"In September 1963 the jazz legend gave a concert in the Afghan capital. In those days the city was open to all sorts of cultural experiments. Hear from Faiz Khairzada, the man who organised Duke Ellington's appearance."

Parkinson: Duke Ellington
"Duke Ellington talks to Michael Parkinson in 1973 about his Kabul concert, and plays a number with the house band"

Witness: 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing
"On September 15 1963, four young black girls were killed in a racist bomb attack against a church in Birmingham, Alabama in the US. The Baptist church at 16th Street had been a centre for civil rights activities in the city. Sarah Collins Rudolph was badly injured in the attack, and her sister, Addie Mae was one of those who died. Listen to her story."

16th Street Baptist Church bombing, 1963
"Racist whites bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, which had been a rallying point for the civil rights movement. Four young girls were killed, the first fatalities in Birmingham. Activists who were there discuss the bombing and its aftermath."

Heart and Soul: The Wales Window of Alabama
"In 1963, racist bombers blew up the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, four teenage girls were killed in the blast and the murders were a new low in the fight for civil rights. he news of the bombing spread around the world, sitting in his studio in Wales was the sculptor John Petts, as he listened to the radio in his studio, he became so upset he resolved to do something about it..."

Radio Newsreel: Tom Driberg
"This interview with Driberg was recorded in 1963, shortly after Burgess' death from a heart attack in a Moscow hospital at the age of 52. Almost an apologist for Burgess, Driberg views his espionage as an activity that could be interpreted as a kind of patriotism."

BBC News: Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg marks 50 years
"A Welsh language campaign group has been celebrating its 50th birthday. But what will middle age bring for Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg? Vaughan Roderick of BBC Radio Wales spoke to two men devoted to the future of Welsh - the Conservative MP Guto Bebb and the writer and founding member of Cymdeithas, Gareth Miles. Mr Miles began by recalling how it all started with a minor traffic offence."

BBC News: Freedom of Plymouth: Royal Navy parade marks 50 years
"Thousands of people have attended a parade in Plymouth to mark 50 years since the Royal Navy was given the freedom of the city. About 550 serving personnel and veterans took part in the parade. The freedom of the city was first granted to the Plymouth Command of the Royal Navy in September 1963."

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