Fargotten the female?

TV Much as I'm very pleased to see a television series based on the film Fargo * and that it features Martin Freeman, because Martin Freeman is excellent, it's a shame that the one element which truly made the film memorable seems to have been expunged. It's interesting to borrow the tone and geographical place from the film, another to also lose the chance for a female protagonist:

Presumably the Coens decided that they wanted to offer a contrast to Frances McDormand's Marge Gunderson or that she couldn't be beaten. Or that Fargo's about more than just a policewoman.  I'm making assumptions about creative thought processes based on a bunch of trailers, this I know, but can it actually be possible that they thought, "We can't have another woman because that would be too similar"?

* Which I'll always be fond because it was the film I saw at the cinema the night before my final exam as an undergraduate.  Not for me last minute revising.  If I didn't remember it then, I'd never remember it.

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