"Sarah Polley, She Likes To Tell Stories..."

Film One of the hidden gems amongst the morass of God and food channels clogging up Roku and other streaming boxes is the one marked with the odd logo ONF/NFB (you tell that it's under subscribed to because it hasn't floated to the top of availability lists which are sorted by the number of subscribers).

You should subscribe right now.  It's the streaming service for the National Film Board of Canada, their equivalent of the BFI, but unlike BFI Player it's completely free and seems to contain all of their films.  The IMDb has a pretty decent list of the productions they've been involved in and a random check suggests most of it is on there.

It's here for example that last night I watched Sarah Polley's instant classic documentary Stories We Tell, which I'll talk some more about at the weekend when I've let it marinade my braincells, though since I don't throw the words "instant classic" around lightly, I think you can see how much I enjoyed it.

Searching to see if the NFBofC has anything else by Polley, I found this really beautiful short film, Stories Sarah Tells, created by Anne Marie Fleming on the occasions of Sarah receiving National Arts Centre Award from Canada's Governor General. You watch her received the award here and her ensuing speech (click "watch speech").

With apologies for posting.  It's a bit of an earwig.  I've just spent the past twelve hours singing the chorus.  "Sarah Polley, She Likes To Tell Stories... faa dee daa dee daa dee daa... "

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