"How could carry on with out her?"

Music During one of our regular clearouts, I found some old Guardian G2 supplements acting as packing for an old clock. Glancing through to see which period of history they were from, I inevitably found this:

It's from 26 April 2002, the week Freak Like Me was released.  A week later it was at number one.  They're still so young! Would they ever have imagined twelve years later that two of them would be waiting for another album to come out and the other one would be touring in Happy Days: The Musical and none of them still in the Sugababes.  Technically.  Apparently.

The article itself is actually an old Guardian column in which celebrities chatted about the art which was meaningful to them and their profession, so the Sugababes 2.0 talk about music with Keisha and Mutya listing their favourite R&B and Garage bands and Heidi joking about how such things haven't reached Liverpool yet as though Liverpool in 2002 was entirely cut off from the rest of the planet and Mary J Blige, Aaliya and Brandy weren't in the HMV on Church Street.  Or the Virgin Megastore in Clayton Square.  Sigh.

Oddly enough I nearly met these three at that Virgin Megastore a couple of months later when they were in there signing the second album, Angels With Dirty Faces.  But I was entirely disenfranchised from the whole thing after Siobhan left, very "How could carry on with out her?" and "This isn't as good as New Year, what have you people done to yourselves?" so simply glimpsed them from afar.  Speaking of regrets...

On the same day in April, this blog was all about a trip to the cinema, where the only other people in the auditorium were couples at the back being recreational, while I watched 24 Hour Party People then Bend It Like Beckham before visiting Wagamama for the first time.  Those were the days when I had about three readers none of whom I'd actually met in real life ...

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