Stunt's new Molly.

Music Because like me you probably didn't notice due to it being announced on the red button service last night with Scott Mills, here's the UK entry to Eurovision Song Contest. Another product of internal decision making processes (or as the wikipedia puts it "she was internally appointed by the BBC" which makes her sound like the new interim line producer on Doctors) it feels like a real attempt to (a) try something new (b) at least give the impression that someone cares even though Europe still hates us and we don't have a chance of hell in winning and (c) do all of this and producing a half decent song.

Unlike previous year's they'd doing a Matt Smith rather than a Capaldi and casting someone relatively unknown in Molly Smitten-Downes, or "Molly", someone who turned up to BBC Introducing and is the writer as well as the singer. She's so unknown/unsigned, at least in this incarnation, her only Spotify appearance is on this whatever genre this is single where she provides to low ebb Kylie cooing in Confide In Me mode or mid-career Sophie Ellis-Bextor depending on your generational vintage:

"Can you give it up." Well, yes, usually. Though I have to admit that despite all my protestations of "staying away from dairy" I'm still sneaking the odd bit of cheese as though that's any different.

Except, as the Eurovision blog post / press release explains (in the next to last paragraph), she originally began recording using the stage name Stunt and did have some mild chart success with DJ Sash (at which point my musical knowledge grind to a hault).

How did she get from Stunt to Molly?  YouTube has some answers.  Here's a discography to help fill in the gaps:


DJ Sash featuring Stunt - Raindrops (which sounds pretty Eurovision too)
Raindrops (acoustic)


Sings a session at Britain's Next Top Model during fashion show.
Just Like Her
Stunt i.e. Molly Smitten Downes singing "Raindrops" at Escapade in Barnsley 04/04/10 (warning, barely watchable)
Fuck You (Cee-Lo Green cover) (obviously)
At Last (Etta James cover)


Basshunter ft. Molly Smitten-Downes - I Will Learn To Love Again
Flowers By The Road (from her other YouTube channel of which she seems to have two)


Safe (what sounds like her first appearance on BBC Introducing)
Some camera phone footage of a live show from the O2 Academy.


Strange Alien (audio only recording of its appearance on BBC Introducing two months ago)
Wicked Games (Chris Isaak cover version. Acoustic. With a band)
Never Forget
It's You (with impressively full blown music video)
Si Tew - Miles feat. Molly (Vocal radio edit)
DREAM BEATS + MOLLY "Beneath The Lights"

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