"with more inertia"

Life id magazine offers its usual sad indictment of Generation Now:
One Saturday, a week or so ago, a friend invited me to dinner. There were five of us and, having eaten, we were stumped as to what to do next. Not that we didn’t have any options, of course; but rather too many. We sat around the table, tapping at phones in broken silence. Facebook invites and group texts all said the same: this pub, that club, party etc. And nothing was even approaching just quite right.

"This inertia soon resolved itself in the way that inertia tends to: with more inertia. Soon the clock had struck 12, we were six bottles in and with each glass the options were propelled away further and further, like stars in distant galaxies. The vino began to tap the brakes of conversation. A friend picked at the corner of a label of a wine bottle. A universal truth shone through: if we were going to make a big night in of it, music was needed. Except - shock, horror - the internet was down."
Unfortunately I can somewhat sympathise, not with the internet down bit, I think I could and have probably managed) but the rest. As I've said recently here and elsewhere with everything available, how do you make a choice?

Perhaps that's why, as Adam Batty of Hope Lies At 24 Frames a Second notes the act of viewing movies has become "an infinitely-lasting box-ticking exercise" something which could be applied to all culture.  Used to be availability limited the decision making process.  Now without that we're doing it ourselves by working through lists, at least that's how I'm doing it.  Of course now the problem is in choosing the list.  Once I've completed the Cinema Sins selection and the Sight & Sound films of 2013, what after that?  Perhaps we need a list of lists.

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