The Star Wars Canon Explodes. Again.

Film Yes, alright James, it's "canonical". But I couldn't think of another post title. A couple of days ago, someone tweeted Del Ray Books, the US publishers of the Star Wars novels to check:

Which is fine. Makes sense. Except until, as and its commenters notice there's stuff in those novels like Owen Lars and Obi-Wan being brothers which are flat out contradicted internally within the books, plus there's a bunch of stuff which refers to the EU which has just been tossed into the Sarlacc Pit. The beleaguered social media attendant, when faced with this logic banthadepositstorm ended up issuing this clarification:

In other words, no, no the novelisations aren't canonical unless you draw a line through anything which isn't actually in the films. Um.

To be fair to @DelRayStarWars, they're not entirely incognizant of the irony inherent in their job. Example:


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