"Davies took Torchwood to America and promptly killed it"

TV Having gone well past the point when it seemed like he going to when he began his watching and writing project, Philip Sandifer has reached Torchwood's Miracle Day, the poor lamb. As ever, be cuts the chase:
"All of this sounds rather grim, so let me also put in at the outset that I, at the time, rather liked Miracle Day. Of course, at the time I rather liked Torchwood Season Two as well, and that turned out poorly, so there’s certainly the possibility that this is all going to get very hostile and dour within a few entries, but for now, at least, my vague guess for where we’ll end up with Miracle Day is more or less redemptive. Equally, there’s no point in dodging the overall narrative here: after the stunning success of Children of Earth, Davies took Torchwood to America and promptly killed it. Miracle Day is a massive critical flop that did poorly enough that nobody really wanted to make more Torchwood after it was done."
Which is rather the problem. Although there's the mag and Big Finish and however awful Torchwood was at its nadir, I do miss here not being other forms of Doctor Who to fill up the gap when Doctor Who wasn't on be it this or the Sarah Jane Adventures.

 I'm taking a deliberate hiatus this year after last year but if there'd been a Paternoster Gang spin-off around Easter time I would have been right there. And no Sherlock isn't a substitute - much as I love it and I think most of us do, I'd gladly give up for a Strax sitcom.

Of course, my own Miracle Day reviews are still available, including the animated episode, which was actually better than the whole rest of it.

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