Lauren Laverne on life.

Education Eva Wiseman has passed her Sunday Observer column to Lauren Laverne who in the space of two weeks has already become a must read. Her latest column is the new Sunshine Song essentially:
It's OK to be a nerd If nerds ran the world there would be no wars. Only unconvincing battle re-enactments in meticulously correct period costume.

Love Never date anyone who is rude to waiters. (Knowing this in advance could have prevented the poisoning of five years of my life.)

Style Never buy anything to impress someone you don't know. Never wear a T-shirt with a face on it that's more attractive than yours. If you are ever going to wear a crop top, the time is now.
Loads of this is true whatever your age. The only thing I'd add is to only do the entertainment related things you really want to. Life's too short.  Don't falter, Lauren.

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