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Pitcairn Islands.

"The islands of the Pitcairn group have always had a close connection with Mangareva in the Gambier Archipelago, and at one time a Polynesian trading triangle operated between Mangareva, Pitcairn and Henderson. Mangareva's lagoon had abundant supplies of black-lipped pearl oyster shells, which made fine scrapers or scoops and could be cut to make fish hooks. Pitcairn had the only quarry in this part of Polynesia where flakes could be chipped off the sharp-edged stones to make adzes and other tools. Inhospitable Henderson Island's small population supplied red tropicbird feathers, green turtles and other 'luxury' goods."

Pitcairn Expedition:
"The National Geographic Society in 2013 undertook an expedition, in cooperation with the Pew Charitable Trusts, to determine the health of the marine environment surrounding the four Pitcairn islands. The islands are home to descendants of the famous mutineers of the H.M.S. Bounty. We found an exquisite and highly functional ecosystem surrounding two of the more remote islands, filled with large predators and the southernmost functional coral reef ecosystem in the Pacific."

Pitcairn Islands Repopulation Plan 2014 - 2019 [pdf]:
"This Repopulation Plan aims to attract and retain migrants to Pitcairn and address a number of key areas including housing, education and health to ensure the Plan is successful. It is a project that has been developed by the Island Council, Her Majesty’s Government and the community.

The 75th anniversary of Byrd expedition visit commemorated with new stamps:
"StampNews.com is glad to inform that Pitcairn Island Post has prepared for releasing as special commemorative issue on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Byrd expedition. The stamp issue consists of five stamps that are to be put into circulation on the 11th of December."

Farewell Pitcairn:
"Sadly, my last day on this beautiful island is here. It also happens to be 11-year-old Emily’s birthday and the whole community gets together to celebrate. It is great to have everyone in one place one and be able to catch up one last time. After eating what seems like an unnecessarily large amount of food, the time has come for many of us to get our bags and head over to the landing at Bounty Bay, to board the Claymore II vessel and head back to Mangareva."

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