Predictions 2014.

That Day We reach the time when I assess how well I predicted the ups and downs of the year and look forward to the next. Here we go again:

A Lovefilm app launches on the Roku 3.

No, no it hasn't and indeed I cancelled my subscription to the disasterously named Amazon Prime Instant in December. At a certain point I realised I wasn't using it as much as I should and was simply holding out for the television series which will hopefully be released on shiny disc anyway and I'll be able to get through the by-post service. So now I'm down to Netflix+Lovefilm-by-post+my own embarrassingly huge dvd collection. No marks.

The Mutya Keisha Siobhan album is finally released.

No, no they didn't. Still waiting. Every now and then Keisha will tweet that she's writing song (as she did on the day after Boxing Day) or that they're recording, but nope, nothing. No marks.

Stella Creasy is promoted.

No, no she wasn't though she continued to be an excellent MP and well worth following on Twitter. No marks.

Moffat announces he's leaving at the end of the next series of Doctor Who. Gatiss takes over.

No, no he hasn't and I think I talked enough about the implications of that. No Mark either so indeed no marks.

Time is a Great Dealer.

I'm still here, so there's that. 1/2 mark.

Which is rubbish. Weird year. Here we go again...

The Beatles are added to Spotify.

Taylor Swift does Glastonbury.

Greens overtake the LibDems in Parliament.

The next series of Doctor Who is better than the last one.

Spider-man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One of those is pretty subjective I expect.  You know full well which one.

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