My Favourite Film of 2012.

Film By 2012, I'd pretty much said goodbye to visiting the cinema on a regular basis.

Too costly, too many idiots in the audience, trusting the cinema with decent projection, and in the case of Picturehouse at FACT, toilets on a different floor to the screens leading to a mad, dangerous rush down concrete stairs if caught short in the middle of a film.

There were and still are exceptions and mainly these have to do with spoilers.

As we discussed the other day, I'm about as spoilerphobic as it's possible to be but luckily most films whose narratives aren't scaffolded by twists.

But some are and it's these films which tend to lead me back to the cinema.

Most of the time now that's MARVEL releases. Wasn't always like this. I watched the whole of phase one on blu-ray via Lovefilm. But SHIELD's narrative enmashing with the theatrical releases has meant I've needed to see them so as not to spoil the television series or vis-versa. Lord knows what happened for people who didn't see Captain America: The First Avenger before the television version.

The other kind are those which people are talking about a lot.

Cabin In The Woods was one of those.

Despite having sat on a shelf for a few years waiting for release, it was pretty clearly, pretty early that everything in the design of the pre-publicity was about making the sure the audience thought they were going to see one kind of film but end up with another.

Arguably it's the first time the poster was itself a spoiler, though cleverly you wouldn't realise just how much until you'd seen the film.

Which means I ended up in screen three of Picturehouse at FACT on the day it opened and was indeed caught short in the middle of the film so had to make the mad, dangerous rush down concrete stairs to the toilets on a different floor.

The experience was, well, average. Sitting on the front row because what used to be my usual seat was taken, I had to deal with that screen's acute problem of having the illumination from the Emergency Exit sign throwing itself across the bottom half of the right hand side of the screen ruining the blacks. Perhaps this has been fixed since.

Cabin in the Woods is Cabin in the Woods. If you've seen it you'll nod along sagely and agree that the once proposed sequel should never be spoken of again.

If you haven't I'm not about to spoil it for you, especially if you've managed to get this far.

That's why the title bar selection is as bland as bland could be.

Now it's time for you to start taking bets on 2011's choice...

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