Film Nine years since its original release, eight years since I imported a copy from Sweden and reviewed it on the blog, five years since I watched it as part of my Woody Allen project and about a month or so since it saw it as part of #garaiwatch, Woody Allen's film Scoop is finally enjoying a UK dvd release on the 9th February (as spotted by Vodzilla).

Amazon have it for £10.25 which seems a bit steep now for the customary vanilla edition though it's a minor miracle that it even exists at all since it didn't receive a theatrical release (no matter what the IMDb says) and only seen two TV broadcasts late at night on the BBC.  An imported edition on blu-ray is also available for the same price.  I think it's Italian.

Any good?  I'll refer you to the reviews above.  It's not vintage Woody and it's certainly not Midnight in Paris, but for my money its the best of his British films and certainly worth seeing to spot all the cameos as high end character actors turning up for one line or as glorified background artists just so they can say they've been in a Woody Allen film.

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