MARVEL's Agent Carter in the UK "news".

TV "News" in the sense that a blog reporting on the LA international industry sales thingy has motioned towards MARVEL's Agent Carter having been sold to the UK in some capacity. Now see this:
"It has been suggested that Marvel’s Agent Carter was hurt by the fact that there was nothing to screen at last year’s LA Screenings, outside of the DVD extra “One Shot” on which the series is based. Now, with an eight episode first season completed, Disney Media Distribution’s execs are confident that a UK deal for Marvel’s Agent Carter will be reached and announced by the end of the Summer, but from what I hear it’s not going to Channel 4 and the UK home may surprise some industry observers."
Well ok then. Let's work through the guesses:

(1) Netflix
(2) Amazon Prime (who already has SHIELD so you'd think)
(3) Channel 5
(4) One of the Murdoch channels
(5) One the BBC channels
(6) Dave or one of those
(7) Microsoft XBox
(8) One of the ITV channels
(9) BT Sport
(10) CBS Drama/Action
(11) The Horror Channel

There aren't that many choices. Well ok, there are loads of choices, but for most of it squares up to whether we'll have to subscribe to something in order to see it in the long window before the inevitable shiny disc release. Or sit through adverts. Or BBC Three. One of the streaming services would be ideal (no ads), hopefully Netflix. But at this rate it'll be one of the Sky channels, grudgingly dribbling out at 2am on Living or some such.

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