Some things which have happened since I've been away.

Life So yes, after a brief hiatus (yes, hiatus, I'm taking the word back), I'm back again. Here are five things which happened in the interim, during the hiatus:

(1) Watched the following films, some of them for the first time: Zombieland, Lost In Translation, Mad Max: Fury Road, Renoir, Death Defying Acts, Pour Elle, San Andreas, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One, A Story of Children and Film, Milius, My Cousin Vinny.

(2) Attended the press day for Home, the Cornerhouse replacement in Manchester where I managed share the same air as Paul Morley for the second time in my life. Danny Boyle was there too, but I missed most of his speech because ironically I was being given an impromptu tour of the cinema's projection boxes. Expect a more thorough review when I attend as a member of the public but in the meantime, here's a short piece from BBC Arts which includes a tour of the construction site.

(3)  I've decided what Review 2015 will be about.

(4)  Attended Light Night, which offered me the Proustian nostalgia blast of touring the city on just the bus which used to take me to school and back, thanks to the Merseyside Transport Trust.  The Brylcreem advert was still in situ.    Other highlights included winning a piece of artwork at Tate Liverpool after identifying nineteen ad-hoc art pieces in the foyer, shop and cafe and Liverpool Cathedral (the Soup Course from the Soup Collective of course), plunged into darkness but for dramatic light shows including a spectacular kaleidoscope projected on the ceiling only really viewable by lying on the floor.  Oh and the Frank Sinatra soundalike at Blackburne House which everyone seems to have heard.

(5)  Ate some soup,

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