Churchill's Secret.

TV Romola Garai's signed to appear in a drama about the final months of Winston Churchill's life along with a cast which sounds like it would otherwise be appearing in a BBC Stephen Poliakoff drama, with Charles Sturridge, a director who usually works on Channel 4 and it's being made for ITV.
Romola Garai, Matthew Macfadyen, Daisy Lewis, Rachael Stirling and Tara Fitzgerald have joined the cast of the small-screen movie Churchill's Secret, ITV announced.

Garai will play nurse Millie Appleyard and the others will play former Prime Minister Winston Churchill's adult children.

Based on Jonathan Smith's recently published book The Churchill Secret: KBO, the telepicture will be directed by Charles Sturridge. It stars Michael Gambon as the title character and Lindsay Duncan as his wife Clementine.
Nice as it is to see ITV branching out like this, it'll be interesting to see which timeslot it's given. 9pm on a Sunday will be my guess. I'll update this post when it's broadcast to see if I was right.

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