"Too bad he didn’t get you into Sherlock as well."

TV Diana Rigg's been interviewed for Random Roles on The AV Club. Inevitably:
AVC: Having survived her encounter with Miss Piggy, your daughter Rachael Stirling is now an actress, and you worked together recently on Doctor Who.
DR: Yeah, that was fun. The guy, Mark Gatiss, who writes a lot of that show, and also he writes Sherlock—very, very clever man. I worked with him on All About My Mother, which was an adaptation of the Almodovar film which we did onstage at the Old Vic. He was playing a transsexual and I was playing a lesbian, and we got on really well. Then he played with Rachael in The Recruiting Officer, and then became friendly with Rachie, and suggested that he write something for she and I. Which was great fun.

AVC: Too bad he didn’t get you into Sherlock as well.

DR: Yeah. Well, the women’s parts in Sherlock aren’t that great, are they?
My initial thought was "Burrrrnnnn...." but I expect what she really means, as in Conan Doyle.  Hopefully.

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