Doctor Who in the British Movietone Archives.

TV Associated Press have uploaded the British Movietone archive to YouTube. Find above some glorious images of Liverpool in the thick of winter 1936. Here's some text about the project:
"British Movietone is arguably the world’s greatest newsreel archive, spanning the period 1895 – 1986.

"Shot on 35mm film, this global archive contains many of the world’s enduring images and is rich in coverage of news events, celebrities, sports, music, social history, science, lifestyle and quirky happenings. It was the first newsreel to include sound, the first to use colour film, the first to break many exclusive stories, and is your first and last stop for newsreel footage.

"We hope you will enjoy exploring the British Movietone collection. Please feel free to share our content with friends and embed onto your own websites and social media forums."
Roy Greenslade has had a glance through at The Guardian.

Inevitably I've had a glance around for some Who related stores.

Working through the names of the Doctors, all I found was the charming footage of Jon's wedding day from August 1960:

The Boys and Girls Exhibition at Olympia in 1964 which was also in the Pathe cache but worth it here for the announcer attempting to immitate the voice:

The Jersey Battle of Flowers from 1965. Soundless clip which has a Hammer Dalek on a float in the middle:

Another soundless clip, this time of the British Toy Fair in February 1965 which features the Dalek costumes pictured above:

Which is about as far as I've got.  The metadata on the clips isn't as extensive as Pathe - you have to click through to the AP website for the dates of the clips - so if there is anything else, it's obscured by a lack of search terms.  Vwrop.  Vworp.

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