A Chronological Checklist for the Eighth Doctor (a work in progress).

TV Having recently completed the decade long business of reading, reading and listening through the mainstream of the Eighth Doctor's adventures and posting reviews, I thought I'd put together something which links to all of those reviews which could also double as a chronology should anyone decide to try and repeat the exercise.  Good luck with that.  As you'll see from the linked the dates, the novels took almost as long to read as their original publication history.

As I explained in the barebones version a few years ago although there are a number of chronologies available (and I'm grateful to @girlfromblupo for pointing me to this one) many of them tend to mix the various media together.  My own version keeps things simple and has the books then the comics then the audios since they're all relatively self contained, especially since Big Finish decided to create a whole new character to explain the reference to Sam from Minuet in Hell.

In the process of completing all of this, there is still a lot of material which I've missed so for the purposes of fannish completism, I'll be enjoying my way through those too and I'll add them into the main trunk of the list once they're reviewed where I think they should be (just to add to the challenge), as well as anything new which is published.  Some of the prose is about audio and comics characters so they'll be more obvious.  We'll see about everything else.

Finally quick word about format.  Anything which isn't in italics is original publication history.  Anything in italics was produced after the fact and I've added extra information in the brackets afterwards to explain what it is.  Originally, I did have lots more gaps to delineate "seasons", but decided in the end to just separate the more obvious runs of continuous narrative (which then runs aground with Dark Eyes which is a sixteen adventures, four adventures and a single one altogether).

Television Broadcasts

The TV Movie

BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures

Doctor Who (The Novelisation)

Bounty (Earth and Beyond)

Dreadnought (Radio Times Comic Strip)
Descendance (Radio Times Comic Strip)
Ascendance (Radio Times Comic Strip)
Perceptions (Radio Times Comic Strip)
Coda (Radio Times Comic Strip)
Where's The Doctor? (Doctor Who Annual 2018)
The Scent of Blood (BBC Audio Exclusive)
The Juror's Story (Short Trips: Repercussions)

The Bodysnatchers
War of the Daleks
Alien Bodies
Option Lock
Longest Day
Legacy of the Daleks
Dreamstone Moon
Seeing I
Placebo Effect
Vanderdeken's Children
The Scarlet Empress

(including The Elixir of Doom (Companion Chronicle))
The Janus Conjunction
The Face-Eater

Femme Fatale (BBC More Short Trips)
The Taint
Revolution Man
Unnatural History
Autumn Mist
Interference - Book One
Interference - Book Two
The Blue Angel
The Taking of Planet 5
Frontier Worlds
Parallel 59

Growing Higher (Short Trips: Zodiac)
The Shadows of Avalon
The Fall of Yquatine
The Space Age
The Banquo Legacy
The Ancestor Cell

The Burning

Fear Itself (BBC Past Doctor Adventure)
Vanishing Point
Eater of Wasps
The Year of Intelligent Tigers
The Slow Empire
Dark Progeny
The City of the Dead

Fitz's Story (Big Finish The Company of Friends Audio)
Grimm Reality
The Adventuress of Henrietta Street
Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Trading Futures
The Book of the Still
The Crooked World
History 101

Fallen Gods (Telos Publishing Novella)
Notre Dame du Temps (Short Trips: Companions)
Camera Obscura
Time Zero
The Infinity Race
The Domino Effect
Reckless Engineering
The Last Resort
Emotional Chemistry
Sometime Never...
The Tomorrow Windows
The Sleep of Reason
The Deadstone Memorial
To the Slaughter
The Gallifrey Chronicles

We Can't Stop What's Coming (The Target Storybook)

Not in My Back Yard (Short Trips: The History of Christmas)

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

The Keep
A Life of Matter and Death
Fire and Brimstone
By Hook or By Crook
Tooth and Claw
The Final Chapter

Firelight (Once Upon A Time Lord)
Time's Horizon
The World Beyond The Trees (Big Finish Short Trips Audio).
Eyes of the Master

Dark Eyes 3
The Death of Hope
The Reviled
Rule of the Eminence

Dark Eyes 4
A Life in the Day
The Monster of Montmartre
Master of the Daleks
Eye of Darkness

Doom Coalition 1
The Eleven
The Red Lady
The Galileo Trap
The Satanic Mill

Doom Coalition 2
Scenes From Her Life
The Gift
The Sonomancer

Doom Coalition 3
Absent Friends
The Eighth Piece
The Doomsday Chronometer
The Crucible of Souls

Doom Coalition 4
Ship in a Bottle
Songs of Love
The Side of the Angels
Stop the Clock

Ravenous 1
Their Finest Hour
How to Make a Killing in Time Travel
World of Damnation
Sweet Salvation

Ravenous 2
Escape from Kaldor
Better Watch Out
Fairytale of Salzburg

Ravenous 3
Deeptime Frontier
Companion Piece
The Odds Against

Ravenous 4
Planet of Dust
Day of the Master

Time Lord Victorious

Dr. Eighth (Mr. Men series)

Museum Peace (Short Trips Rarities/Subscriber Special/Dalek Empire)

The Forgotten: Revelation (IDW Comic Issue #5)

Empire of the Wolf (Titan Comics)

New Adventures With The Eighth Doctor (Titan Comics)
The Pictures of Josephine Day
Music of the Spherions
The Silvering
A Matter of Life and Death

Supremacy of the Cybermen: Prologue (Titan Comics)

The Time Ball (The Many Lives of Doctor Who)

The Lost Dimension #8 (Titan Comics)

A Heart on Both Sides (Big Finish Audio Short Trips)

The Diary of River Song: The Rulers of the Universe

Susan's War: The Shoreditch Intervention

The War Master: Rage of the Time Lords

Natural Regression (The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who)

Ghost of Christmas Past (Twelve Doctors of Christmas)

The Sontaran Ordeal (Classic Doctors, New Monsters: Volume One)

Day of the Vashta Nerada (Classic Doctors, New Monsters: Volume Two)

Hearts of Darkness (The War Master).
Cognition Shift

Exit Strategy (The War Doctor Begins: Enemy Mine)


Still to be reviewed:

Here's everything which will be moved above and nudged into place once I've read, read or heard them (at the time of writing) and posted the necessary paragraph.  Do let me know if you think I've missed anything.

Audio Short Trips

Death Will Not Part Us (Short Trips Volume 11)

Salvage (Short Trips Volume 12)

Short Trips Subscriber specials

Late Night Shopping (Big Finish Audio Short Trips Subscriber Special)

The Caves of Erith (Big Finish Audio Short Trips Subscriber Special)

Tuesday (Big Finish Audio Short Trips Subscriber Special)

An Ocean of Sawdust (Big Finish Audio Short Trips Subscriber Special)


Updated 25/07/2015  I've added "Time War era" in at the bottom because it looks like it's going to be its own multi-format thing.  It'll be interesting to see how co-ordinated Big Finish, Titan and whoever else will be.  I believe one of the IDW comics already contradicts Day of the Doctor in relation to the nature of the "moment".  No more, no more, no more ...

Updated 28/12/2015  I've added The Diary of River Song.  The Titan limited series, also set during the Time War is out but I'll post a review of those when the series is finish and add them to the timeline then in case there's something which indicates how close they're set to the regeneration.  As I've said elsewhere, the Time War era sounds like it's going to be populated without a clear narrative order unless someone decides to attempt to official apply one.  Most likely it'll be like the Baker era between Trial and his regeneration or in Big Finish terms between their ongoing (currently Doom Coalition) and Night of the Doctor.

Updated 15/01/2015  After Foreshadowing, The Elixir of Doom and Bounty (and Klein's Story although that's an alt.Eighth), I'll be hitting the subscriber wall on the audios.  The three short stories and The Four Doctors are only available if you sign up to various subscriptions at Big Finish and money is unfortunately an object right now.  Copies of The Four Doctors do turn up on eBay now and then, but £30 is still a bit steep.  Availability of these old stories is going to be a huge problem going forward especially in the hard copy Short Trips.  Expect updates to become sporadic.

Updated 21/01/2015 I've added a Miscellany section for alternative non-canonical versions of the Eighth Doctor.

Updated 04/04/2016  Not that Titan's Eighth Doctor comics series is completed, I'm all caught up with the Eighth Doctor's canonical comics adventures.  Unless I've missed something.

Updated 08/06/2016   The Four Doctors, Doom Coalition 2 and The Curse of the Fugue all added which means barring those pesky three subscriber specials and the reading of Bounty I'm all caught up audio wise.  Oh and Klein's Story.  Oh.

Updated 06/11/2017  Add a new category, Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike the Eighth Doctor, for stories featuring a version of the character from outside the main continuity: from alternate realities or degenerative cameos, that sort of thing.

Updated 12/01/2022  Made Time Lord Victorious into its own era because the alliance with the Daleks would seem to indicate it can't occur anywhere during the Time War itself (not to mention what happens to the Daleks themselves early in the general narrative of that event).  Yes, I know I'm a bit behind on everything else, but once I've finished TLV, that's my next project.

Updated 23/05/2023  I've finished the printed Big Finish Short Trips!  Just the rest of the audios to do now (although the subscriber specials still seem a bit unlikely for now).

Updated 18/12/2023  I've finished the printed Big Finish Short Trips!  Again! (missed a couple) Just the rest of the audios to do now (although the subscriber specials still seem a bit unlikely).

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