Tales of the Dark Times (Comic Creator).

Comics No matter how ardent the adult fan of Doctor Who, there are probably some elements which go ignored simply because they're not meant for our age group, and Comic Creator is a typical example.  Released in 2016 for ios, Amazon and Android, it's a more sophisticated digital equivalent of the rub-off transfer sets of the 70s and 80s, offering kids the ability to create their own stories using a predetermined set of characters and backgrounds.  It's produced by Scary Beasties, an award winning app creator who's worked with numerous licensees over the years including Disney and Nickelodeon and the BBC and it entirely pass me by until I had to download it in order to get part of the Time Lord Victorious story.

The Eight Doctor appears in two of the tales.  Chapter Three's set during his alliance with the Daleks as they encounter a suspicious looking ship which seems to have an all too easily digestible smorgasbord of Huon particles which leads the pepper pots down the road toward destruction.  Chapter Five is a multi-Doctor story with Eighth and Ninth on the hunt for Tenth.  They land on a planet and are surprised to stumble upon a suburban house which it transpires has fallen through the time fracture created at the close of play in Waters of Mars, aided by an inhabitant who's built a time machine.  Neither of the comics run to more than ten pages but both have a nice twist at the end.

Given the limitations of the format, it's surprising how well the writer of this, probably James Goss although it isn't stated, nicely captures Eighth's gentle sarcasm especially when he's bantering with the Dalek Strategist, a double act which is carried through audios and novels.  There's less chatter between the two Doctors in Chapter Five although it's clear they don't see eye to eye.  When Eighth says, "It's okay to change the universe when you change it for the better", Ninth doesn't look like he agrees entirely, although that could also be due to the limited number of facial expressions available for each of the characters and this just happens to be the one the artist chose to add some variety.

Placement:  They're set between chapters three and four of All Flesh Is Grass.  So for the sake of clarity, I'll split the entry for that novel into two and put this in the middle.

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