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What happened to the Fox films Disney picked up?
Simon Brew:  "Disney inherited a slate of Fox movies when it bought the studio up in 2019 – here’s what happened to one that survived the initial cull of projects."

Emily Yahr:  "Struggling to constantly promote herself online, she posted that she’d rather just be a musician and a performer. Artists everywhere told her they feel the same way."

Howard Fishman:  "A look at Tom Noonan’s forgotten masterpiece “What Happened Was . . .”"

Mia Mercado:  "Actors will go to great lengths for their art. Take, for example, Neve Campbell, who, at 17, was attacked by a bear while shooting a movie."

Adrian Curry:  "A collection of gorgeous Eastern European posters for the 1970s films of the late, great auteur."

Eli Grober:  "Here at Time, we have made a number of changes over the last couple years. Now that 2022 is here, we’re announcing several major updates."

Dayna Evans:  "Try it out at your next party."

EJ Dickson:  "On this week’s episode of ‘Don’t Let This Flop,’ we talk Adult Disney pranks, “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings,” and the resurgence of 2014 Tumblr girlie style."

Lee Grimsditch:  "Pictures taken 30 years ago remind us just how much has changed."

Jordan Maison:  "The latest Disney+ Star Wars series went to great lengths to infuse its Tusken tribe with influences from real-world Indigenous cultures."

Abbey White:  "Composer Ramin Djawadi explains his approach to crafting themes for an atypical MCU movie, setting up a major twist through music and working with director Chloé Zhao on the film, out on Disney+ this week."

BBC News:  "The work was drawn by Mike Zeck and featured on page 25 of Marvel Comics' Secret Wars no 8."

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