Tuesday Links.

Star of Christmas film sets up online boutique:
David Adamson: "Ellie Coldicutt, 24, starred as Beth in the festive favourite Nativity! back in 2009, charming viewers with the song Sparkle and Shine before going on to feature in the sequel as well as touring productions of The Sound of Music and the RSC’s Richard III."

Richard Brody: "One of the most original directors of New Hollywood, Bogdanovich was also a critic who expanded our cinephilic heritage."

Amy Zegart: "Espionage-themed entertainment is influencing policy makers, from soldiers fighting on the front lines to justices sitting on the nation’s highest court."

Ian Walker:  "A Calgary-based programmer recently shared his work turning a rotary telephone into what may be the least effective video game controller of all time."

Olympia Kiriakou:  "Screwball comedy’s fast-paced battle of the sexes explored the socio-economic politics of the 1930s and 1940s."

Laura Cappelle:  "The Comédie-Française is celebrating the 17th-century dramatist by recreating Tartuffe, the play that outraged the Catholic church and almost ended his career."

Ellen Peirson-Hagger:  "Press On Vinyl, a facility due to open in the new year, has been dubbed “the communist plant of Teesside”."

Lisa Gitelman:  "Anyone who remembers making the transition from typewriting to word processing has probably thrown away a fair number of floppy disks and jettisoned more than a few computers since then. Bad for the planet, yes. But it also poses particular challenges for the stewards and denizens of archives."

Jessamyn West:  "I won a year's supply of cheese in a contest May of 2019."

BBC News:  "The tiny building appeared at Merrivale Model Village in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, in August, during Banksy's "Great British Spraycation"."

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