Lohri Links.

Why Eternals Deserves A Second Chance On Disney+:
Ben Travis:  "WARNING: Contains major plot spoilers for Eternals."

Elle May Rice:  "The festival celebrating the music and culture of Africa, the Caribbean and the diaspora will return after a two-year hiatus brought on by the coronavirus pandemic."

Thomas Bacon:  "Doctor Who will continue the story of Jo Martin's Forgotten, Fugitive Doctor - but she's jumping into a completely different medium in April!"

Brendan Kergin: "The UBC library has been gifted a rare and important book: a first edition version of William Shakespeare’s Comedies Histories and Tragedies. Printed in 1623, there are only 235 left in the world; this one is only the second to come to Canada."

Catherine Bennett:  "It was designed as a life-sized version of snakes and ladders, plastered across Bologna’s central square, Piazza Maggiore."

BBC News:  "Picture the City uses landscape paintings acquired by the Bank of England over the years and places them alongside modern-day views."

Adam Scovell:  "With François Truffaut’s French New Wave classic The 400 Blows back in cinemas, we went in search of the locations, including the beach where that famous final freeze-frame takes place."

BBC Radio 4:  "... four women from different parts of Britain share stories of street harassment. Woven through this feature is a new, specially commissioned poem by Hollie McNish."

Mark Harrison:  "Three songs from Encanto have popped up in this week’s UK Official Singles Chart – with stats and waffle, here are some of Disney’s other chart hit crossovers."

Bree Fowler:  "Cybercriminals are increasingly using malicious QR codes to trick consumers."

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