Decorative Purposes (Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas).

Books Happy Christmas! Such are the vagaries of catching up on all of these Big Finish short stories, that those printed in these annual yuletide anthologies will crop at unseasonable moments. Although given that plenty of the festive episode of the television series have been recorded in the Summer, it's not that unseasonable.  Eddie Robson's tale shares some of the features of a drama designed to slot between two episodes of Eastenders (as was the case in 2007), a magical forest, a giant spaceship in danger and an alien planet covered in snow.  It's also incredibly charming, with chocolate money literally growing on trees and Lucie commanding a regiment of ingenious fairies against the antagonists.  She's joined by a ship's orderly Sabine, who narrates the story of them working together to solves the various mysteries they encounter.  Eddie wrote some of the best of the Eighth & Lucie audios so as you might expect, he captures their relationship perfectly in just a few sentences, passing the six laugh test easily across its few pages.  Placement: Between the first and second seasons, which seems to be the place to put any of these stories were the Doctor and Lucie are just out there having adventures before their friendship fractures.

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