Fantastic Four casting suggestions.

Film The last few days at the San Diego Comic-Con have been as they say quite a lot (if sertraline hadn't blocked up my tear ducts I would have sobbed through the Picard trailer) but perhaps of most excitement is the announcement that the Fantastic Four will be joining the MCU. My hope is for a straight start, Stark Tower having been sold to Reed Richards and redesignated Freedom Plaza and the gang receiving their powers in a cosmic storm during a space rocket flight or some such.

But it is going to be an absolute bugger to cast.  Apart from the MCU having already absorbed a lot of actors already, the previous versions of the films have already got some of the casting right already, albeit in shonky productions.  With that in mind, here are my guesses as to who will play the Fab Four.

Reed Richards -- Anson Mount

Sue Storm -- Blake Lively

Johnny Storm -- Joe Keery

Ben Grimm -- Zach Galifianakis

Since this blog isn't in the link dump at the bottom of a news article, I shall not be justifying these selections at length. Other than that a few of them may be busy and/or not famous enough.  Also that it's unlike that the MCU would cast actors who look like their comics origins now, perhaps even gender flipping one of the characters.  It's clobberin' time, anyway.

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