All the Fun of the Fair (Big Finish Audio Short Trips 3).

Audio Here's something I didn't think I'd ever hear, India Fisher for a few brief but entertainment moments "playing" Charley's successor Lucie Miller. This slender gag about an impresario who accidentally takes possession of the TARDIS and uses it as a magic door in his act is told in his first person with India reading in with a mockney accent (and giving more of a performance than in the previous adventure).  As soon as it becomes apparent which era it's going to be, it's impossible not to have your attention directed towards what her Lucie's going to sound like, and sure enough when the moment comes, she nails it.  It's eerie, in fact, as much as when Fraser plays Pat and when Louise Jameson reads in Sarah Jane in the other Short Trips.  Short Trips 3 has a framing story in which the Doctor's various incarnations have to pass a test and you can bet I listened to the whole thing to see if Eighth appears there too.  He doesn't.  Placement: I expect it's somewhere in series two of "With Lucie" since she and the Doctor are still talking to each other.

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