Quantum Heresy (Big Finish Audio Short Trips 4).

Audio A fairly standard time loop story in a lyrical style, Heaven Sent in fifteen minutes in other words, with hints of Rob Shearman's Scherzo mixed in for good measure. It's fine. The writer, Avril Naude, conveys how the loop works through repetition of description and phraseology then varying those to demonstrate how the perception of the lead character, an archivist, is changing. There are some moments of wonder (ahem) and a genuine sense, despite what I said in the first sentence, that Quantum Heresy wouldn't be easily or convincingly filmed. India Fisher reads again in a fairly neutral tone, but this just helps to enunciate the text and there's plenty of sound effects and voice treatments help create atmosphere. Placement: Has a snatch of the "with Lucie" music at the top so although the Doctor's travelling alone and you could put it anywhere in those gaps, I've tucked it in before Situation Vacant. Not that I wasn't tempted to put it in the Time War era given the theme of the story.

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