Foreshadowing (Big Finish Audio Short Trips).

Audio Well, this is delightful. After four anthologies, Big Finish decided to turn the Short Trips brand into a series of half hour long monthly downloads about each of the Doctors and so here's a tall tale about an UK army lieutenant interviewing Eighth and Charley about strange doings around his base, a time sensitive insect which has hitchhiked to Earth and is feasting on people's chronology.  Writer Julian Richards knows that these short pieces are at their best when investigating a simple story idea and then running riot with the prose and that's exactly what he does here, heading into Adamsian territory of the sarcastic repetition of phrases, investigating the utter ghastliness of having routine lives being disrupted by the inexplicable and understanding the potential in throwing around unexpected turns of phrase for comic effect.  Then he drops in a rather an epic twist which I won't spoil but makes you want to listen to the whole thing again, which you would anyway because it's so good.  His understanding of the two leads characters is extraordinary, especially Charley who can come across as being a bit "generic companion" sometimes in the wrong hands, and India Fisher clearly loved reading this, bless her, as the Edwardian adventuress lives again.  Placement:  Richards even bothers to explain where in the second season of "with Charley" this is meant to be, after The Time of the Daleks, and it absolutely feels like a missing story from that era.  Wow.

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