Letting Go (Big Finish Short Trips Audio 2).

Audio In Simon Guerrier's beautifully written, melancholy short, the Doctor and Charley visit a grieving family of antelope-like beings to explain to them how, Stan, their brother and son, was a hero who saved the crews of two spaceships which accidentally collided. Told in the first person by Charley, with India generally offering a measured interpretation with some characterisation interpolated where necessary, it's a fifteen minute scene in which everything and nothing happens and is utterly compelling.  It's about detail, how the grief on both sides manifests itself and the hole left in the universe by the loss of a single life.  At best, these "Short Trips" present a snatch of narrative which presents an idea too brief for a longer episode but which add to the overall suspension of disbelief across the whole franchise.  We know that the Doctor must make these death notification visits on occasion, but you simply can't imagine how they'd fit into the usual action adventure scenario.  Placement talk:  Charley opens the story explaining that she was travelling with a different incarnation of the Doctor which indicates this is during or post-Six, but since the main story indicates that it was early in her travels with Eight it must be set some time in their first series together.

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