Echoes of Extinction (Time Lord Victorious).

Audio  Having finally collected almost all the different parts of Time Lord Victorious, the BBC's cross platform merchandising palooza which began in 2020, I've started working through them in narrative order as per the list I put together this time last year.  Although we covered the most of the McGann releases already (and it'll be fun to hear how they fit properly into the thing), Echoes of Extinction is his first appearance in the story, but was the last of the releases to emerge, thanks to COVID-19 shutting down its distribution potential for months thanks to it originating on vinyl.  Fortunately there was also a download.

The Doctor lands in a very slight riff on Beauty and the Beast, fighting against a genocidal psychic entity which holds the surviving member of a race hostage, her only other companion a robot butler.  At only half an hour, long enough to fill one side of a vinyl album, not too much happens and Alfie Shaw's script seems mostly to act as set up for the next episode featuring the Tenth Doctor which takes place after the core Time Lord Victorious shenanigans so I won't be listening to for a while.  

Perhaps the most exciting thing is the Eighth Doctor saying he's trying to get to the opening night of the Braxiatel Collection, which after its brief mention in City of Death now has a giant footprint in the spin-off media within a few sentences of the Shadow Proclamation which doesn't get more Nu Who.  As ever, this incarnation straddles across the mythological mish-mash of the franchise.  Placement:  Almost by default, this is now the first story of the Time War era.

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