Nihilistic Saturday Links.

Mirna Abdulaal: "It is easy to see the buzz expressions “mental health” and “ways to cope with stress/anxiety” appear regularly on social media, but it’s even harder to directly interact with someone who struggles from anxiety."

UK surge in post-Christmas returns reveals dark side of online shopping boom:
Sarah Butler: "Returns process thought to cost firms about £7bn a year and weigh heavily on companies’ carbon footprints"

Phoebe Barton: "Half marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks and fun runs - there's something for everyone."

Julian Mark: "Passengers on a Canadian charter flight danced, drank alcohol and vaped as they made their way from Montreal to Cancún, Mexico, the day before New Year’s Eve. Video footage of the rave-like atmosphere made its way onto social media, and the images of maskless travelers partying in the air amid surging coronavirus cases sparked broad condemnation."

Ryan Gajewski: "The actor will reprise his role as Batman in the upcoming film 'The Flash.'"

BBC News:  "BBC correspondent Laura Trevelyan got caught in a snow drift while filming in Washington DC on Monday and had "snow" way out."

News Desk (AFP): "A herd of goats grazing on a London city farm are getting their teeth into hundreds of unwanted Christmas trees donated by residents in a fundraising drive."

Sheelah Kolhatkar:  "Since its installation, the sculpture, by Kristen Visbal, has been mired in legal disputes and claims of “fake corporate feminism.” New York City will soon decide its fate."

Laurian Clemence: "As we welcome in another year, and reflect on the turbulent one that’s passed, the existential words of Professor Stephen Hawking are as poignant as ever: “Remember to look up at the stars, and not down at your feet.”"

Nigel Andrews:  "... revisits his interviews with Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen and Debbie Reynolds to tell the story of how they created Hollywood’s most enduring musical."

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