Another Bank Holiday Monday Links.

BBC Media Centre:  "The work sits on a BBC 100 website which also features an interactive year-by-year timeline covering key moments in the BBC’s first 100 years."

Andrea Stone: "From transforming the study of early humans to working to save the elephants, “he was a force to be reckoned with.”"

Michael Hogan: "The journalist behind those ‘explainer’ videos on seeing his No 10 Christmas party video go viral, being a drum’n’bass DJ and wearing ‘an awful lot’ of blue."

Brendon Connelly: "2021’s mystery TV run the gamut of tones, from cosy to caustic. Here’s a quick survey of some of the better mystery series that puzzled armchair detectives over 12 months, including one solid gold masterpiece and plenty of other gems that were sadly overlooked. That’s the magic of VOD – they don’t need to stay overlooked forever."

Odi O'Malley: "Welcome to '¡Elígeme! ”, The section of the website in which we pay tribute to those album tracks that had enough value to be singles, but were replaced by other releases, sometimes better, on other more debatable occasions."
[Editor's note: Translation of a really good article on a Spanish pop website.]

Waiyee Yip:  ""Do I not deserve to be Chinese just because I have small eyes?"  That is what Chinese model Cai Niangniang wrote in a recent impassioned social media post, after old pictures of her went viral for all the wrong reasons."

"La Befana, which coincides with the feast of the Epiphany on 6 January, is an annual public holiday across Italy."

Alex Hess: "Armageddon once delivered thrills and megabucks spectacle. Now it’s the unnerving backdrop for satires and family drama."

Juliet Elperin: "TONGASS NATIONAL FOREST, Alaska — The Sitka spruce soaring more than 180 feet skyward has stood on this spot on Prince of Wales Island for centuries. While fierce winds have contorted the towering trunks of its neighbors, the spruce’s trunk is ramrod straight. Standing apart from the rest of the canopy, it ascends to the height of a 17-story building."

Serina Sandhu: "The social historian also believes ‘we’re missing a real trick in the way we’re teaching history’, adding that is should focus more on human beings."

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