Ordinary Sunday Links.

Kristin Thompson: "Our regular readers know that this annual series began as a simple salute to 1917, the year in which the basic norms of the classical Hollywood cinema definitively gelled. Starting in 2008,  it became the “The 10 best films of …” list. It has stood in for the year-end ten-best lists which critics and reviewers feel obligated to concoct but which we avoid."

Washington Post Editorial Board: "As the world enters 2022, public libraries are emerging as one of the bright spots — literally."

Vanessa Thorpe: "A new book recounts one woman’s struggle to find looted art – and then convince a major museum to give it back."

Naomi Fry: "The British socialite, who has been convicted of conspiring with her late partner, Jeffrey Epstein, to groom minors for sexual abuse, continues to act like she has nothing to be ashamed of."

Robin Brown: "'The pub is your life — you don’t run it, it runs you'"

Alan Weston: "The cultural attraction in Prescot will complete the "Shakespearian triangle"."

Josh Price: "Y LANFA Powysland Museum is looking to decipher a letter sent from the frontline of the First World War."

Big Finish: "Big Finish’s range of full cast Second Doctor Adventures gets a brand new start in 2022, but we’ll be meeting him sooner than expected."

Andrew Scourfield: "The shared religious and cultural history of Wales and Ireland is being celebrated with two pilgrimage routes in each nation."

Syeda Khaula Saad: "Sex has always been my source of comfort."

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