About Journalism in Comic Book News Sites.

Comics The Outhousers has a long column from Richard Caldwell about comic book journalism or journalism about comic books which also goes for other type of culture and media. Here's a typical paragraph:
"For god knows what reasons, many smaller news sites will not acknowledge a story unless it has already been covered by one of the larger sites. Adversely, I have seen before that should a smaller news site grow a spine and break a story, then that story will go untouched by the larger sites, evidently in scorn at having been scooped. This is even more stupid than the battle of the sexes. There is bias in all forms of media, and the comics journo game is no different. Sometimes, the bias in comics media is deliberate and malicious, but there are even more occasions where it is simply the result of negligence or ignorance or incompetence. And it does not have to be that way."
We live in a largely unreported world in which something only really seems to be happening when the mainstream media flashes its light against it usually when it doesn't have a choice.

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